10 Apple Watch tips and features


Among all the smartwatches available on the market, the Apple Watch is the sales leader in the segment. While the other manufacturers chose to put aside model updates with Android Wear, Apple invested heavily to consolidate its watch in the market.

Are you making the most of what the device has to offer? In this article, we have listed some tips and resources for you to do more with your smartwatch.

1. Take screenshots

The feature of taking screenshots on the smartphone is widely used and known by most users. However, did you know that you can also do this on Apple Watch? Simply press the digital crown and the side button at the same time to take a screenshot. The image will be saved directly in the Photos section of the iPhone.

2. Updating your operating system is essential

Keeping the latest version of watchOS is a guarantee that you will not give security holes for possible software glitches. To update the watch, it must be connected to the Wi-Fi network and connected to the charger.

3. Apply a film to the watch

It’s not just smartphones that have screen protector films. In the case of the Apple Watch, it is also possible to protect the display by adding a layer of security. The application is simple and fast and the protection does not affect the usability of the product. Curves Pro Hprime film is one of the alternatives.

4. Review previous notifications

If for some reason you missed any notifications on your watch, don’t worry: you can review them at any time. Swipe down from the top of the watch screen to view all notifications, including those that haven’t been displayed. Once you’re in the notifications panel, use Force Touch to clear them all.

5. Choose which photos will be displayed on the display

You can choose one or more photos from your albums to show them on the watch face even if your iPhone isn’t nearby. Go to the Apple Watch app for iPhone and choose “Photos” and then “Synced Albums”. Then select the photos you want and you’re done.

6. Turn off the red notification indicator

A red dot appears at the top of Apple Watch whenever there are unread notifications. You can disable this feature so that the light no longer comes on. In the Apple Watch app for iPhone, choose “Clock” and turn off the “Notification Indicator” option.

7. Change the time display

Do you prefer the smartwatch to show the time in the standard format, from 0 to 23, or in the night and day format, from 0 to 12, always indicating the time of day? Regardless of your preference, you can choose. Go to the Apple Watch app for iPhone and choose “Clock”. Then find the time type option and adjust it.

8. Add music to the watch

Adding songs to the Apple Watch’s memory is a great solution for those who are going to exercise but don’t want to take their smartphone with them. Go to the Apple Watch app for iPhone, choose “Music” and then go to “Add Music”. Select the album or playlist you want. Important: Synchronization only happens when the watch is connected to the charger.

9. Activate energy-saving mode

One of the downsides of the Apple Watch is the battery life. Compared to other devices it is still insufficient and you need to charge it at least once a day. To save a little more energy, open the Apple Watch app for iPhone, choose “Training” and enable the “Power Saving Mode” option.

10. Start audio recordings from the watch

To perform this function, your iPhone must be nearby. Open the Memo app on Apple Watch and tap the red button. The recording will start and the content will be saved to your smartphone or tablet storage.

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