5 apps to edit videos on mobile


Both Android and iPhone users have at their disposal dozens of applications for this purpose, many of them free. We have prepared a selection of five of the best mobile video editing apps that can be used on both Google and Apple operating systems.

1. InShot

Completely free, InShot is considered one of the most interesting options for Android and iOS for its simplicity of use. It is possible to make videos from a set of photos and there are options to assemble bespoke projects that can be exported to services such as YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

Combine videos, add audio and images and apply special effects with just a few taps on the screen. The list of features also includes zooming, modifying the background, resizing the screen, and adding a soundtrack from content saved in the device’s storage.


2. iMovie

iMovie is the main reference in terms of video editing for Apple device users. Free, it provides a seamless experience for editing content, adding soundtracks, cropping images, and applying special effects.

Even if you are new to using such applications, you can create great projects without much difficulty. There are a large number of themes, templates, and templates that can guide your work. Finally, export the files in the most different formats to use in social networks, messengers, or professional presentations.


3. FilmoraGo

Considered one of the most versatile video editors on the market, FilmoraGo’s main feature is the fact that it offers a simple and accessible interface for most users. Although it has a Pro version, the main features are free and accessible to everyone.

There’s even a library of licensed songs that can be used for free editing with the app. Also, in FilmoraGo’s internal store you can buy new effects, as per your need. The editor exports bespoke videos to Instagram (square) and YouTube (16:9).


4. Like

Likee positions itself in the market as a cool alternative for creating and editing videos. Available for Android and iOS, it is more focused on editing for social networks, as it also works as one: the videos created can be shared with the app’s community.

The focus of the editing options here is inserting stickers and applying special effects. You can add a soundtrack to videos as long as the content is saved on your device. If you are not familiar with video editing apps, starting with Likee to understand the logic of this software can be a good option.


5. Video Maker

The last alternative on our list is the popular Video Maker. Only available for Android, it is a simplified video editor as the idea here is that you combine photos with music. To make slideshows, it is certainly one of the most practical and fastest options.

Basic video editing features are also present. As a negative point, a watermark is superimposed on the images of those who do not subscribe to the premium version. However, for simpler jobs, it does the job without major problems. It’s worth taking the test.

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