Here are five ways to find content ideas using Google Analytics


Google Analytics helps develop data-driven marketing. With the result generated, it is possible to analyze how customers are reacting to your page and, thus, develop a strategy that attracts more audience.

If you want to improve your business reach, learn about the 5 ways to use Google Analytics to find content ideas.

Use Google Analytics to create variations of your content

With Google Analytics you can find out what visitor behavior is in each post on your website.

This tool is extremely useful to deduce what pleases or dislikes the most customers looking for your business and, thus, build the following posts according to the profile of the content that most attracted attention and audience.

What is the best topic format and structures, posts that the customer spent the most time on the page, types of catchy headlines and the like are data that Google Analytics presents to you.

Details that seem insignificant, like using or not using clickbait titles , posts with lists or not, make a difference to the reader. This is observed by the success of posts with the same structure.

In a practical and simple way, you can profile the posts that were most successful.

Using this data, it is possible to build your next posts following the most popular features and, consequently, attract more visitors.

Google Analytics Search Terms Report

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) marketing strategy is crucial for search engine optimization. Google Analytics has a function that provides us with data regarding the most searched words by visitors.

Google Analytics produces a report containing the most searched keywords when they access your website.

This function can be found in the search bar, in the sequence: Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms.

The last step tells you what the most searched keywords are. But what does this do for your marketing strategy?

It is interesting to analyze what words visitors use to try to find the desired topic. With this information, you can use the SEO strategy with more foundation, highlighting the most popular words.

This Google Analytics tool also gives us the possibility to find flaws in the website content.

That is, through the Search Term it is possible to evaluate which searches did not have corresponding content and, thus, produce posts referring to these searches.

Thus, the site’s posts will always be updated with content that really interests the customer.

Updating existing content

Sites with outdated content are a big problem for your income. Google Analytics is also able to analyze articles that are no longer accessed, or that visitors do not stay.

Search traffic sees a 40% increase after updating site content.

To access in Google Analytics , go to: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages and choose Source/Media in the Secondary Dimension box.

By comparing the bounce rate, generated in the report, with unique page views, it is possible to find out if readers are actually reading the content and spending time on the page.

With this information, you can select which contents are not being read and update them.

The Behavior Flow Report, also generated by Google Analytics , indicates whether visitors are interacting with the site.

That is, if the post did not yield any contact attempts, it means that it needs to be updated to become more attractive.

Renewing, updating and recycling outdated posts will increase customer traffic to the site, further expanding searches within it.

Pay attention to keyword intent

According to the director of SEO at Be Found Online: “If you don’t have content on your site to match the intent of a keyword, you won’t be able to generate a significant amount of search traffic no matter how many times you use that word. key on your site. Know the four types of keywords ·

  • Browsing – Users search for specific websites.
  • Informative – Searching for an answer to a particular question, for example: How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
  • Investigative – For example: What are the best digital cameras?
  • Transactional – Users are searching with the intent to buy.

To get the data in Google Analytics , you will navigate through Acquisition>Search Console>Queries.

The Research Report must contain the keywords that are appropriate for your company’s business type. For example, if you have a commercial store, the words should be investigative or transactional. If the searches on the site are for informational purposes, this will not bring results for your business. Readers have simply entered the page and will not stay on it for long.

Talk to the end customer

Of course, Google Analytics tools are essential to study the profile of visitors and how the content impacts the reader, however, you also need to do research with your target audience.

Talking with the customer and seeking to understand what their doubts are about your business is crucial.

This type of research will target your site posts with really interesting content, attracting more new visitors .

Combining the computational tools of Google Analytics and market research with the end customer, you will get enough material for a well-structured and successful website.

Improve your website content using the many ways you can use Google Analytics to find content ideas. Increase visitor traffic and achieve success for your business!

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