How to connect the PS5 controller to your Android smartphone


Yes, with this control it is possible to connect to Android and enjoy it as if it were any other joystick. In this guide we teach you to step by step how to connect the PS5 controller to your cell phone, let’s go:

Connecting PS5 controller on Android

Step 1 . Swipe the screen from the top down on your Android smartphone to open the Tools quick menu;

Step 2 . Click the gear icon in the lower right corner, and open the “Connected Devices” menu, this is the Bluetooth menu on Android, activate it;

Step 3. Now with the DualSense controller in hand, hold the “Share” button (left corner of the controller) and simultaneously press the PS button (the middle button with the Playstation logo).

Step 4. Check if a blue light will start flashing. If yes, the controller’s Bluetooth pairing mode has been activated. If not, repeat the process and don’t forget to press both buttons at the same time;

Step 5. On your Android’s Bluetooth menu, a joystick with the name “Wireless Controller/Control” will now appear, click to connect and select OK to pair your device with DualSense;

If the control is not showing yet, at the top of this menu there is an option “Pair new device”, click and wait a few seconds, the control will probably appear as described before.

If everything is ok with the connection between the Android smartphone and the PS5 controller, it will stop blinking blue.

Okay, now that we’ve taught you how to connect the ps5 controller to your Android smartphone, you can use it for several games that allow the use of a joystick, such as the famous Fortnite for example. But it is worth remembering that unfortunately, almost no mobile game will make full use of the numerous and incredible functions that the DualSense has, it will be a more general use.

Take the opportunity to test the Remote Play function

A very cool function to be explored now with your controller paired to your smartphone is Remote Play (or Remote Use). Available since the PS4 generation, this mode allows you to stream your video game gameplay to a device such as a cell phone or even a computer, and play it as if you were playing on the console.

However, this way of playing is somewhat limited, as it needs your PS to be connected to the same internet network as the other devices, and even though the hard processing work goes to the video game, at times the gameplay can get stuck at times when the connection is not 100%. Bearing that in mind, it’s a fun way to sometimes want to play in places where the TV would be far away, like in bed for example.

Set up the video game

From the PS home menu, go to “Settings” and open “Connection Settings for Remote Play”. Leave the option “Enable remote use” selected and you’re done.

Ah to make the remote gameplay life easier, do the following:

Step 1. Go back to the “Settings” menu;

Step 2. Click on “Power saving settings” and then on “Set available features in sleep mode”;

Step 3. Here enable the options “Stay connected to the internet” and “Enable the option to turn on PS from the network”

This will make it so that even in sleep mode, which is necessary for Remote Play to work, you can play without fear of the PS shutting down due to inactivity.

Now it’s time for the device to be used

If you are going to use Remote Play on smartphones, look for the “PS Remote Play” app on Google Play or App Store and download it. Connect with your PSN account and then the app will start looking for the nearest console — so don’t forget to leave it on throughout this process.

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