How to create a youtube channel


Today Online earning is not a trend, it is a need, and when we discuss the best source of income online then the first name which will come to our mind is the youtube channel. So, it is important to understand the basic information about How to create a youtube channel.

If you also want to see yourself as a star-like – Carryminati, Bhuvan Bam, and many others then the first step is to start your youtube channel. Creating a youtube channel that helps you to grow your brand value is not rocket science, but if you are in search of some simple steps to understand How to create a youtube channel then you are in the right place, just stick with this article and follow all the instructions which are given below.

How to create a youtube channel

Here, we explain to you about creating your youtube channel using your Google account. So, if you are using youtube to play videos or you are using chrome, play store then you have a google account. So, you can read the following instructions and follow them.

Step 1 – Visit YouTube and Sign in

how to create youtube channel

Visit youtube and sign in with your email. More simply, visit youtube or download the youtube app on your mobile, and at the top right corner, you get the option of Sign-In.

If you already using youtube and want to create your channel using that same email then at the top right corner you see your email just click on it.

Step 2 – Now visit the YouTube setting.

When your Sign-in process is complete you are able to see your email photo on the top-right corner, just click and head towards the option of “create a channel”.

After Sign-in when you click on the top right corner then you have to click on the first option “Create a Channel”.

Step 3 – Create your channel

how to create youtube channel

Now a page open on your screen where you get two option – either you choose your name as a channel or use a custom name of your channel. For Example – If you have a business or want to start any specific brand then choose “Use a Custom Name” and then give your brand name to your youtube channel.

You can add 100 characters in your YouTube channel name, so choose any name through which you get good user attention and after that check the box you get below the namespace and click on create button.

Step 4 – Add other essential items.

how to create youtube channel

If you add a name then your YouTube channel is created and this is a time to upload a profile picture to your YouTube channel, after adding some description of your channel, then add some contact links to your channel and you are Done.

If you check some branded channels then you find that they have an attractive profile picture that works according to their brand but they don’t have enough channel description and contact links. Keep in mind that you can’t copy them because you are a small fish in this ocean.

how to create youtube channel

So, add a description by using some important tags and keywords. This means, visit google and search those words on which you want to make videos and you get all related searches which generally search by the audience and add all those important search terms in your channel description. Keep in mind that the more you add keywords or search terms related to your videos you get enough views for your channel.

How to create a channel if you never use google or don’t have a Google account.

If you don’t have a google account and still you want to create your youtube channel then you have to follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1 – Visit the

visiting youtube is a must create channel. simply open

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

here you see the sign-in option click on it.

Step 3 – Choose the option to create a Google account, and give your email and password or you get an option to create your new email account on this page.

By creating an account you are easily accessing the youtube account creation.

Step 4 – Now, put your created google email and password, and now you can solve the above instructions.


How to create YouTube channel art

YouTube channel is a place where lots of people visit to watch your videos and your creativity in profile, thumbnail, cover photo, and if your creativity attracts their interest then you get subscribers and views.

This game is all about your content and creativity. If your content is good you get views and watch time and if you have good graphics like – extraordinary thumbnail, profile, and cover photo then people love to spend their time on your tube channel in a result you get a good number of subscribers.

If we discuss thumbnail then – 1280 X 720 is the minimum resolution of a perfect thumbnail. Keep in mind your thumbnail must have a minimum width of 640 pixels and the format is JPG, GIF, or PNG with all that keep your thumbnail size up to 2 MB.

If you visit any branded youtube channel then you observe some top creative and attractive work on their cover photo and profile photo. You should create those photos to show your brand in this field.

So, the perfect size for youtube channel art is given below –

The most important image is the cover photo on your channel and for this, we recommend you choose a 2560 X 1440 pixel image.

If you want any medium-width image then the safe size will be 2048 X 1152 pixels. Where you should add your logo, channel name, and any tagline related to your business.

If you want any Maximum width then you should choose 2560 X 423 pixels.

Always choose 6MB photo or smaller to upload on youtube. Now, must check how your channel is by viewing on different browsers and different size devices.

Apart from all that, do not forget to edit your photo. You should try to add a wonderful photo and for this, you can use some editing applications, like if you are in search of the best free photo and video editing app then you can choose Photoscape X and Photoshop for photo editing.

Both applications are best but we recommend Photoscape X of Microsoft for photo editing. This application also helps in video editing but the best application for video editing is Kinemaster Pro.

Must use Kinemaster for video editing of your Youtube channel. If you don’t know about video editing then simply add any background music and some exciting photos in the middle of your video to make it attractive according to your content using kinemaster. After that edit, your thumbnail adds it and uploads it on your channel. If you don’t get enough views on your youtube videos then don’t be panic because getting views will take time.

Now, you understand about the artwork like – photo editing, video editing, and other important work. So, visit your table, write a script, create a video using a recommended application to edit, and then upload it.


If you read this article and understand all the important information given above then you are ready to create your youtube channel. If you think this article provides you with enough information about How to create a youtube channel and video editing then do not forget to share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below.

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