How to increase visitor reading time on your blog?


With cell phones always at hand, in any situation, the internet is the most accessible and comprehensive means of communication.

Therefore, websites and blogs are the best way to promote a service, product or information.

But all this accessibility also has its downside. It is necessary to do your best in the elaboration of the site and in the posts, so that the visitors search for your information and, mainly, stay in it.

Do you want to upgrade your blog to increase views and reader permanence on the page? This article will show you how to increase visitor reading time on your blog!

Get visuals to increase visitor reading time

Choosing a suitable text structure can increase the time visitors read your blog .

Some marketers recommend that content should start with small texts, with a high frequency of new posts and, only after a while, bet on fewer, but longer texts.

For other professionals, this reflection no longer makes much sense. Every blog has a purpose and it’s hard to generalize in this way.

A valuable tip to give your blog more harmony, and consequently increase visitors’ reading time, is to divide the article.

And a great way to do that is to add images along with the text. This small change can boost your site views, more third-party sharing, etc.

But, you need to use the right images for this strategy to really work. The figures need to be relevant, have the face of the information you want to convey.

If you’re putting together a travel post , for example, add some photos of amazing places, urging the reader to really want to get to know you.

Or, if you are instructing a step-by-step, images with flowcharts and diagrams are great for the understanding and satisfaction of those who searched for the material.

If chosen wisely, images absorb the reader, who will spend more time reading your blog .

Add movement to the blog

In addition to images to increase visitor reading time on your blog , another tip is to bet on videos.

They were averaged and found that posts with video content increase page view time by 2.6 times.

The result is stark, but even so, the custom of using video in posts is not very common. That’s because content production takes a longer time, however, pages with video tend to rank better in search engines. So, if you have a page that you want to give more visibility to, invest in a video.

Learn some tips to add videos and increase visitor reading time on your blog :

  • Create instructional videos.
  • If you work in an area that always has news or changes, consider sharing this information through videos instead of texts.
  • Talk to your audience, plant doubts and instigate the curiosity that holds the visitor until the end of the video.
  • Supplement the post with some written content.
  • Video production must be done with sound and image quality.

Using the TLDR concept to increase read time

Another tactic to increase blog reading time is to use TLDR ( Too Long, Didn’t Read ).

The TLDR is mentioned in the text when the original post is too long and people just want a summary to get an idea of ​​what it is about, an overview of the context.

However, it often appears in forums intended for readers, indicating that the text is too long, showing that people are out of patience to read the content in its entirety.

This is extremely interesting, as the person responsible for the blog is aware when a post is not liked, giving the possibility to modify it.

In addition, its use also fits with what was said in the previous topic, about giving more space to the visitor on the blog .

In other words, you give the reader an opportunity to contact the reader, creating a link between him and the blog (which ends up making him a “loyal” visitor) and you also receive tips about the posts.

Nothing better than the inspection and opinion of our own target audience to meet the readers’ wishes.

It is important to always be updating posts to improve them, in order to please more visitors.

Provide tips and give visitor space on your blog

Providing interesting tips and information to the reader throughout the text encourages the visitor to stay longer on the blog .

The post needs to add knowledge for those who are reading. If the reader finishes reading the post and feels that he has really learned something useful, this will encourage him to look for other articles on the site.

The use of bookmarks and subtitles are also recommended structures in the preparation of texts.

Carry out quotes and callouts to attract the reader’s attention. Impactful things arouse curiosity!

Another efficient way to increase the time visitors read your blog is to make a space for it.

You can open a forum for questions and answers, polls, send messages with suggestions for future posts or additions to old articles.

This will create a relationship between the site and the visitor, arousing the reader’s curiosity and making their visits to the site more frequent.

These small tips on how to increase the reader’s reading time on your blog will make all the difference in the reach of your posts, in order to build more interesting and attractive posts for your readers.

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