Outlook for digital marketing in 2022


This shows how the virtual world is dynamic and, therefore, new things are always emerging. In other words, new trends to contribute to the lives of people and companies in an immense variety of different ways.

Thus, those who use digital marketing to promote a brand must be aware of changes, of what is new. Otherwise, you may be wasting time and money on virtual communication channels with your target audience that are no longer as efficient.

If you want to know what’s trending right now, keep reading this article. In the following topics, you’ll find out what the main prospects for digital marketing are in 2022 and how to embrace these innovations.

  • Greater investment in SEO techniques
  • Growth in the use of Google My Business
  • Massive use of private messaging apps
  • Bet on digital influencers
  • More investment in paid ads
  • Concern about audience segmentation
  • Most significant video production
  • High quality content creation

Greater investment in SEO techniques

If you already use digital marketing, you should know how to bet on SEO techniques, that is, on search engine optimization. After all, it is by following some rules that you can obtain greater visibility on the internet.

Although there are others, Google maintains the lead when it comes to the most used search engines, so it is the one who usually dictates the rules about SEO. Proper keyword usage, quality images, good site navigability, etc., remains important.

The same can be said of the other SEO techniques that contribute to your website or blog, in an organic way, being able to conquer the first results of your users’ searches. What changes is the importance of investing more and more in terms of SEO.

This means that it is not enough to just make “rice and beans”, even more so if your market niche is one of the most competitive on the internet. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have quality content in your media, as well as to make use of link building.

This technique consists of encouraging other quality and relevant sites to have links that lead to your site or blog. After all, it is a reference. To do so, you can partner with other media, so that they reference your brand in their content.

Growth in the use of Google My Business

Another tool that has greatly helped brands to increase their visibility on the internet is Google My Business. In addition to being free and easy to use, it is especially beneficial for the promotion of so-called local results.

That is, from the search results performed when a person searches for a type of establishment that is nearby. It is worth remembering that, nowadays, internet users use map applications to search for the most varied products and services.

Therefore, the tool centralizes the management of your business data in the virtual world. This care is essential, since, when searching on Google, the results are customized according to the user’s geographic area.

That’s why, for the consumer, businesses in the vicinity are displayed. So, if you are not in the results of these surveys, your competitors, even the closest ones, may attract more potential customers than your company.

How to use Google My Business

Google My Business enables you to rank better in Google searches. To achieve this goal, you need to keep your business’s web profile always up to date, especially regarding your address and contact information.

Among them, phone, email and others. With this, the potential customer not only comes to you easier, but this strategy is also a way to gain credibility with your audience.

The tool also has other features, such as finding out how people got to your company and where they are located. Plus, you can find out how many people called your business because they saw your phone number in local search results.

And those who prefer to use mobile devices to manage their company’s virtual presence need not worry. Google My Business can be used with all its features on smartphones, tablets and the like.

Massive use of private messaging apps

Some audiences are losing interest in social networks, such as Facebook and other social networking sites, and preferring to use tools where communication with other users is more direct, such as WhatsApp and other private messaging apps.

Of course, you should check if your audience fits this profile. And, if that’s the case, you need to start developing strategies to communicate with potential consumers of your product or service through private messages.

Creating groups with potential customers is one way to do this. In this way, you can maintain a more dynamic communication with your audience and even make sales, in a very practical and direct way.

In addition, with this type of approach, it is possible to maintain a more personalized communication. In this sense, it is important to remember that, currently, the consumer highly values ​​the service provided exclusively.

This is because he no longer wants to be part of a broad group of consumers with diverse characteristics. And yes, to be more esteemed, with a differentiated service. In other words, through private messages, the public believes they are better served.

Bet on digital influencers

Digital influencers are also gaining ground when it comes to digital marketing. To have a clearer idea of ​​the importance they have when promoting products and services, just think about the celebrities who appear in TV commercials.

There is no doubt that famous actresses are more influential in a shampoo commercial, for example, than unknown people, right? The same thing happens with digital influencers, with the difference that we are talking about the internet, now, and not TV anymore.

Some internet users follow many digital influencers, that is, people who have their channels on YouTube, known as Youtubers. They are the celebrities of the virtual world and can greatly influence the opinion of their followers.

Therefore, more than ever, brands must find out which digital influencers are closest to their target audience and propose partnerships. Youtubers and other types of influencers can mention your brand in their videos and other content they produce.

In addition, the most appropriate thing is for the chosen digital influencer to work in a niche market related to the area of ​​your product or service. In this way, the partnership becomes more organic and, consequently, also more convincing to your audience.

More investment in paid ads

Although betting on organic search is highly efficient to reach your target audience, it is also important to adhere to paid ads, such as Google and Facebook Ads. Other social networks offer the ads, but these are the ones that stand out.

With some differences, Google and Facebook ads are very similar, as the payment for advertising works as a credit for both. Thus, as Internet users click on the ads, the amount invested is discounted.

This means that the payment made for advertising is reduced by a value only when it takes effect, that is, if a user clicks on it, being forwarded to the brand’s fanpage or to its website or blog.

In the case of Google, it is also necessary to choose the keywords, since the ad is shown only to Internet users who have typed in the search engine the same terms chosen by the advertiser.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, it is possible to determine the audience that will see your ad, according to its characteristics. And the social network helps to achieve this goal more effectively as it suggests potential internet users considering their activities on the social network.

Another advantage is the possibility of making targeted ads. That is, create an ad for a certain audience and another ad for another part of your audience. This strategy suits brands whose target audience is very diverse.

Concern about audience segmentation

As already mentioned, segmentation is a very efficient digital marketing strategy, and on the internet, there are more and more ways to apply it in the dissemination of your product or service. Facebook Ads is one of many possibilities.

Google Ads can also contribute to the target audience segmentation strategy. For that, for example, it is possible to create more than one ad in the search engine, and for certain keywords a link is announced and, for other terms, another link.

In the same way, in social networks, it is possible to use this technique. If, for example, your brand has as a target audience people with profiles in several of them, the tip is for each relationship site, create a specific post.

To do so, of course, you must know your target audience very well. The perception of the need to segment the audience is due, among other reasons, to the importance, already mentioned, that consumers give to advertising and personalized service.

The great competition in many market niches is one more reason to bet on segmentation. This is because it allows your brand to reach, in particular, that portion of your consumer audience that is most likely to buy your product or service. 

Most significant video production

Another prospect for digital marketing in 2022 is to focus on video production, after all, they have gained more fans every year. The massive use of smartphones and other mobile devices is one of the main culprits.

This is because, when using a cell phone, even when traveling, videos are content that is easier to check, as they do not require reading. In addition, due to the visual possibilities they offer, they often manage to be more attractive than other media.

To join this trend, a tip is to create a video channel on YouTube and publish your productions there. In this way, you can gather all your brand’s audiovisuals in one place and make new potential customers come to your brand through the platform.

But you can do a lot more with videos, like sharing them on your other business media, like websites, blogs, and social media. With this, a single video can appear on different channels, boosting your results.

Even with this inherent attractiveness of videos, however, it is necessary to produce quality content, which is no longer a big challenge, because even from smartphones it is possible to produce quality videos. But it is still essential that there is a good script.

High quality content creation

Speaking of quality, this is yet another prominent trend in terms of digital marketing. After all, consumers are becoming more demanding, day after day, not only with the quality of products and services, but with everything that involves them.

That is, they want a high standard of service, personalized advertising, exclusive functions, etc. This means that people want to be valued and one way to guarantee that to them is with content that is relevant and that is of interest to them.

In this sense, it is essential to invest in content marketing, hiring, when necessary, professionals to produce texts, videos and images. Likewise, it is possible to train to carry out these activities, prioritizing quality.

So, even though there are many free ways to promote your product or service, it may be necessary to invest financially to provide unique experiences to your target audience. After all, the biggest prospect for 2022 is to stay focused on your audience.

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