Start managing your time and see the benefits


To manage your time , you need discipline, focus and understanding of your goals.

In this article, learn about the impact that routine can have on your physical and emotional health. 

Time is one of the most valuable resources, not only because of its scarcity, but the inability to replicate or even control it. 

The past is unreachable and not accomplishing what you set out to do causes deep feelings of dissatisfaction and uselessness. 

Problems of poorly managed time 

The lack of routine is a common problem in the population, it is very common for people to wake up and not reflect on their activities and what is necessary to complete them, doing everything automatically, this posture generates harm such as:

Low productivity 

Productivity is calculated based on a number of things, including the relationship between what is produced and the time of work. 

Low productivity rates make the final product more expensive, slow down corporate processes and harm the economy. 

The lack of good time management makes the passing of the hours more painful, it significantly reduces the professional’s concentration and motivation when it comes to completing even simple tasks, such as cleaning sofas .

On a large scale, low productivity affects the purchasing power of consumers who are directly affected by the companies and human capital that work in the creation of the product or service.

This reduces revenue collection and inward investment. 

As a chain reaction, the reduction in investment harms the insertion of technology tools, worsens the organizational environment and reduces the budget for new hires, increasing unemployment. 

fatigue and dissatisfaction

Motivation is an important element in the life of any human being. She is the engine of daily activities, from personal hygiene to commuting to work. 

The chronic absence of this factor is behind conditions such as depression. 

It is normal for everyone to feel unmotivated at some point, but the continuation of this bad habit generates great impacts on the individual’s self-image. 

The transformation of a setback into a habit is established by the lack of a routine. 

Daily routines don’t have to be boring and can be adapted to everyone’s needs. 

The more time spent completing tasks, the more unbearable it becomes, the greater the feeling of tiredness and the more common are feelings of dissatisfaction.

high levels of stress 

Stress is a key element in physical and mental health.

Associated with alertness, also known as the “ fight or flight ” mode, it is caused by the release of neurotransmitters such as cortisol into the bloodstream. 

From an evolutionary perspective, stress is a defense mechanism against external threats and therefore, it is a completely natural feeling. 

Its effects speed up circulation, increase heart rate, dilate pupils and generate tunnel vision. 

Tunnel vision happens when the human being’s ability to concentrate is reduced to one element, which is the object causing the stress reaction. 

For this reason, stressed people have problems with learning and logical reasoning. 

For the success of a car waterproofing company’s organizational environment , it is essential that employees maintain moderate levels of stress. 

Chronic stress increases the incidence of heart attack, stroke, hypertension and mental disorders. 

In addition to compromised health, high levels of stress can also compromise job security, especially in industry. 

Accidents in the corporate space are more common in professionals who are operating under tunnel vision. 

Bad eating habits 

Derived from stress, tiredness and dissatisfaction, eating disorders are anchored in excess and lack. 

Psychosomatic problems always affect the functioning of the digestive system, to varying degrees, and can be manifested by loss or increase in appetite. 

Even the performance of metabolism is altered by these conditions.

The absorption of important nutrients for the body, inadequate chewing and lack of care with the diet are the result of someone who is running out of time. 

sleep disorders

Sleep disturbances are often imperceptible, since it is common for patients to attribute tiredness to other factors in their daily life. 

Very common, sleepless nights are unanimous in the experience of someone who lives an unregulated routine. 

In addition to the recommended sleep period, between 6 and 8 hours a day, the disturbance of this moment, such as negative emotions, stress, exposure to blue light devices, consumption of alcoholic beverages and other factors can impair the enjoyment of sleep. 

Procrastination of tasks such as car maintenance , which are important for the individual’s quality of life, can impair sleep preparation time. 

Very tight routines do not allow the implementation of medical recommendations such as: 

  • Keep away from electronic devices 30 minutes before bed; 
  • Eat 2 hours before bedtime; 
  • Eliminate sources of stress from the room; 
  • Noise reduction before sleep. 

Therefore, a balanced routine allows for longer and better moments of rest, since there is no stress and pressure from unfinished work. 

What can be gained from managing your time? 

Recognizing the harms of a lack of routine and inadequate time management , it is possible to visualize the benefits of more efficient time management, which are manifested in three points:

professional competitiveness 

The job market operates in the same patterns of supply and demand that can be seen in the snacks industry for children’s parties . 

Just as the best products are requested on the shelves, the best professionals are the first to be hired.

With the increase in available companies and the dissolution of geographic borders, the dispute for jobs becomes more intense, demanding more skills and production capacity from professionals. 

Someone who knows how to manage their time is more productive and therefore more valuable to an organization.

This is reflected in better wages, higher ranks and greater competitiveness in job searches. 

learning opportunities 

When there is a greater use of time, there are free spaces for carrying out extra-curricular tasks during the day. 

This means more time for qualification and involvement in activities that will bring learning to the individual. 

These activities range from enrolling in specialization courses to excursions, trips and experimentation at fairs, linked to the market or related to other interests that are part of personal life. 

The opportunities that an organized routine guarantees for a person are manifested in making candy for events , attending activities with family or friends, reading or appreciating art and investing in hobbies. 

financial growth 

Finally, managing your time reduces waste in the household budget and guarantees better jobs, increasing income formation. 

In addition to financial independence, this path of growth introduces comfort and personal satisfaction. 

Time management works on the discipline of the individual, a quality that is reflected in the potential for indebtedness, in the absorption of academic knowledge and even in health, in scheduling an IUD placement , for example.

Valuable time management tips 

The question that remains is: where to start? Time management can be a confusing task for many who feel that they have an overloaded routine, but it is important to focus on a few main points, managing others from these:

Work cycles with scheduled intervals 

The human concentration capacity has some limitations that must be considered when setting up work cycles. 

Depending on individual history, it is important to place 10-15 minute breaks between periods of uninterrupted work. 

These breaks can be after 30 minutes, an hour or longer, depending on your ability to concentrate. 

Lay out this cycle according to the total time for each task, such as preparing frozen fitness food , with a start and end time. 

removal of distractions 

Distractions can kill great job potentials. It is important to identify what is distracting your concentration and suppress it as much as possible in the corporate environment.

In general, distractions are related to cell phone use. 

Other factors such as noise and even other concerns can act as a distraction, reasons that lead to the separation of a special place to perform the work.

For those who work remotely, a closed room can be ideal. 

In other activities, such as scheduling pediatric appointments or drawing up schedules, using headphones to block out sound or even setting up the space, can contribute to a more adequate perspective of work. 

Final considerations

In short, time management is a concern that generates many impacts on personal life, finances and health as a whole. 

Investing in practices that improve time management are vital for relationships and quality work. 

One of the most discussed elements in a reality where schedule flexibility and individual freedoms expand, effective time management is a key point for productivity and satisfaction. 

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