Tips for organizing your personal finances


Planning is essential to ensure a peaceful and secure future.

After all, knowing how you control your spending and how much of your personal finances are invested in dreams, plans or an emergency reserve is essential.

In times of economic crisis, such as those experienced more recently, it is important to know how to manage your own money so that you can pay bills, meet your desires and live more lightly.

You can hire an accounting consultancy to help you and be aware of the capital that passes through your hands every month.

This administration will provide quality of life for you and your family.

Discipline and self-control are some of the keys to success in finance, after all, planning for the future needs to be carried out in the present.

Therefore, considering your needs and wants is paramount.

The first step in organizing personal finances is to compute all your expenses and forms of investment.

This control can be done through a spreadsheet, or if you prefer, even using the good old notepad.

The notes must consider fixed expenses (which are present in every month) and variables (which are not mandatory, but which eventually occur). But, after all, how to do that? Review the following step by step:

  • Choose the easiest method for annotations;
  • Set one or more goals;
  • Set your priorities;
  • Avoid long-term installments;
  • Get rid of debts;
  • Open a savings account or invest your income in a bank;
  • Create an emergency fund.

Knowing your finances can control possible hardships caused by emergencies or even make new investments possible, including school or university tuition, prenatal consultations or exams , and so on.

Having a plan generates results

In addition to a personal reserve, good financial management can open doors, as the chance to undertake can be on your side. Think of an old dream, like investing in a buffet.

With a reserve dedicated to your dreams and projects, it is possible to make it happen within an established period. Just set your priorities and take the first steps.

After a period, this initial investment can generate profits and open doors to a new possibility of service within this segment, such as the sale of candy for events .

The same could happen if you decided to work with any other type of business. For this, an initial investment would be necessary for the purchase of products and instruments that would help you in the task.

A well-prepared reservation would enable the start of home visits and the beginning of a financial return that would cover the initial application in your business.

Over time, the return could generate new opportunities and hiring differentiated services, such as dry cleaning mattresses , for example.

That is, the act of saving money and creating a financial reserve can bring changes to both your professional and personal life.

The capital invested in the beginning of the enterprise has great chances of multiplying.

Be rational and save

In certain periods of life, it is common for us to let emotions dominate our actions.

It is in these moments that we lose control over spending and fail to see what is essential and what is superfluous.

If we are too happy, we decide to celebrate by buying.

If we are sad, we try to make up for the unhappiness with a purchase. If we are bored, we also look for a product that interests us, and so on.

In some cases, we are in a stable mood, but we are still influenced by advertisements for cleaning and conservation or any other business, which directly interfere in our purchasing decision process.

This perception is only acquired when expenses get out of control and generate disastrous results in our budget, harming the payment of fixed and essential expenses.

So control your emotions and save. That way, at the right time, you can make conscious, assertive and beneficial spending for your personal and financial life.

After all, how to organize finances in practice?

The first step for a financial organization is to carry out a diagnosis of its sources of income. To do this, consider the following topics:

  • Fixed income: your salary;
  • Variable income: benefits, bonuses and additional;
  • Extra income: freelance jobs , resellers, among others;
  • Passive income: Profits from bank investments.

Once you understand the total amount you receive each month, it is essential to keep track of spending. For this, always remember not to spend more than you earn.

It is essential to know how to define your priorities. For example, when going to a flower manipulation pharmacy with the intention of buying a specific medication, don’t be distracted by other possible purchases.

Knowing what is essential and what is superfluous at the end of the month will make all the difference in your finances. In addition, a relevant tip is, whenever possible, to make all payments in cash.

In this way, the installments will not be extended over the months and there will also be the possibility of getting discounts in certain stores and establishments.

However, if necessary, use the credit card only for high-value purchases, such as a cell phone, computer, appliances and electronics, or even a university course.

Controlling impulse spending is also important to secure a monthly reservation.

Instead of buying a new curtain, why not bet on a curtain cleaning ? Small savings bring big results.

In addition to daily and monthly expenses, there are mandatory ones, such as the payment of loans or financing, rents, consortia, in addition to taxes and duties (IR, IPVA, IPTU, licensing). These deserve special attention.

Benefits of organizing personal finances

Your salary does not matter, but it is important to know how to manage it, so, based on a personal budget planning, it will be possible to achieve the following benefits:

  • Understand your financial situation in depth;
  • Know what expenses impact your income;
  • Understand your expenses;
  • Be aware of your consumption habits;
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses;
  • Increase the possibility of saving money;
  • Be more financially conscious;
  • Can prevent unforeseen events.

Building a healthy relationship with money will not only influence your budget, but also your personal life.

With a controlled financial situation, it will be possible to reduce levels of stress and even anxiety.

Pay attention to payment tools

If you are not used to paying with physical money, you will certainly need to rely on the help of current resources. Therefore, pay attention to the options available in the banking universe.

The credit card can be an ally, if used wisely and only in cases of extreme need.

Currently, there are already alternatives that do not require the payment of annuity fees, that is, one less expense.

Take advantage of payment alternatives that do not charge fees, such as pix, bank slip, in addition to bank transfers made by virtual banks and debit cards.

In addition, pay attention to the due dates of the accounts, so that interest charges are not incurred for delays, even if small.

Know how to invest your money

To have a profitable and secure financial reserve, it is essential to acquire information on the best ways to invest your money.

Investment studies can help in this choice process.

Savings is no longer the only way to save your finances. There are other funds that can, in addition to securing a certain amount, generate profits on it.

If you already have a good knowledge about investments, bet on applications that bet on stocks and real estate funds.

However, if you still need to improve on the subject, opt for applications such as Treasury Direct, CDB, among others.

If you have a small frozen snacks business for resale , a tip is to start low value applications, until there is a development of your security regarding the banking services provided.

Regardless of the choice, it is important that you know well the bank responsible for the profitability and security of your financial reserve.

In addition to considering free investment alternatives.

Final considerations

Organizing personal finances is ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future, as well as taking care of and keeping up to date with all expenses.

Ensuring good planning is vital to seek alternatives and set viable goals.

Don’t wait for your money to disappear from your hands and your spending to do disastrous damage to start a wise management process.

A key point that can benefit from this organization is to keep your name clean, as a situation of restrictions on your CPF can prevent you from hiring good jobs and even stop some dreams.

For example, in this scenario, you will not be able to obtain financing approvals for any high-value asset, if you are the applicant. So organize your financial life and secure your future.

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