What is Marketing Automation?


We call marketing automation the strategic tools that allow us to understand customer interactions with the brand and act in a personalized and progressive way.

Starting from the sales funnel model, the customer is classified into four stages, according to their position in the purchase journey: visitors, leads, opportunities and sales.

Of these four phases, marketing has control over the first three and will shape actions based on the results, whether objective (number of people at each stage) or subjective (conversion rates from one phase to another).

This type of study makes it possible to understand whether the campaigns are having the desired effect, and also to adjust the strategy and content as necessary.

Automation tools provide real-time data and allow you to schedule different purchase journeys for different customer profiles – without human intervention.

They allow, for example, to create a chain of emails that will be sent to all the company’s customers, or only to those who contacted them in the last month.

They can also regain contact with others who are no longer so engaged.

In the universe of social networks, it is possible to deliver a discount code to birthdays of the month, or even create campaigns aimed at mothers of newborns.

Note that easy segmentation possibilities are one of the highlights of marketing automation.

What is marketing automation for?

The main objective of marketing automation is to create personalized strategies for different buying journeys.

With the right approach, you can increase your company’s total sales and optimize your marketing and sales process to lower your customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Also work on retaining old customers, such as offering exclusive discounts and maintaining an ongoing relationship.

We mentioned above the sales funnel. Perhaps the biggest advantage of automation lies precisely in the ease with which data can be viewed as a whole, ensuring that each phase proves to be effective in its objective of attraction, loyalty and final conversion.

When a person goes through all stages of the funnel, but at the end of the journey, they don’t convert into a sale, the alert is turned on.

You need to find out where the strategy is going wrong.

It can be an indication that marketing is not delivering a quality lead, that is, a potential customer who is really interested in purchasing the product or service.

Also, if your campaigns are reaching a large number of people, but they are not continuing to engage with the brand, visiting the website or clicking through to the email marketing campaigns, there is also a problem.

This indicates that, perhaps, there are flaws in the content offered.

But the problem, in fact, is when all this happens and escapes your radar, because you don’t have a marketing automation solution.

Top tools for marketing automation

Marketing automation requires the use of tools capable of interacting with customers through digital channels (such as email, social networks, blog, website, or app) and analyzing the data that arise from these interactions, in order to optimize the next actions.

In the market, there are national and foreign solutions, focused on one or more channels.

We have selected below the top seven for you to know and choose which ones help you in your goals.


One of the most popular and used tools in the world, Mailchimp stands out for its intuitive interface, which is very useful for those who are new to automation.

Based in the United States, its service was born focused on programming and triggering email marketing campaigns.

In recent years, it has increased its functionality with some basic automation options and the launch of a landing page builder.

Mailchimp offers a free plan for up to 2,000 contacts and three other paid plans with extra automation features.

Active Campaign

Another tool focused on distributing email campaigns, Active Campaign also has an easy-to-use interface.

One of its outstanding functions is the service that allows identifying where the person was when they received the email, offering new information for the marketing team to direct their actions.

With paid plans starting at R$29/month, the service also offers a 14-day free trial.

lead pages

Ideal for those with more basic services, such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign, the tool specializes in creating landing pages and serves as a complement to other services.

With Leadpages, you can create specific pages for contests, event registration, exclusive sales, book launches, among others.

The tool is paid and has plans starting at US$37/month.

lead lovers

Curitiba joins the team of the most complete tools, which offer several marketing automation services in one place.

With Leadlovers, you can create and schedule emails, segment leads according to profile, build landing pages and even create your own distance learning platform.

Plans start at R$154/month.


The American giant was responsible for the most recent transformation of the digital marketing market, coining the term inbound marketing and creating an entire niche market.

The tool was revolutionary in bringing together in one place several functions, such as content management, social networks, website analysis, SEO, and landing pages, in addition to offering integration with various CRMs on the market, management, and customer relationship software.

Currently, HubSpot offers a free plan with very few features, and the more comprehensive paid plans start at $24/month.

RD Station

Results Digital is one of the pioneers in the national market and, today, it is positioned as the most complete tool for marketing automation in the country.

Its features are very similar to HubSpot, delivering services for triggering and automating email marketing, creating personalized landing pages, lead tracking, social media management, among others.

RD Station plans start from R$369/month and they offer a free trial.


MLabs manages social networks.

With the tool, you can schedule posts, reply to private messages, automatically generate complete reports and even plan your action calendar for the month.

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