What to evaluate before buying an in-ear Bluetooth headset?


Currently, there are dozens of wireless headphone models that meet the most varied needs, tastes, and price ranges. Because of this wide variety, it is very common for interested people to be in doubt as to which phone to choose and whether it necessarily needs to be wireless or not.

But, how to choose the ideal phone for your needs?

Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. Today, there are models for almost all audiences. Among them, we can mention supra-auricular and intra-auricular.

When it comes to headphones, the over-ear and in-ear models are more innovative and carry more benefits. The supra-auricular is the model of headphones that is over the ears. In-ear headphones have a design that fits perfectly in the ear canals.

It is important to ask yourself, how and why do I need a wireless headset?

It is essential to understand the need for use, storage and usage locations, among others, before purchasing a headset.

Among the models mentioned above, we believe that the wireless in-ear headphone can be the most versatile and meet a large number of needs because of its unique features.

Therefore, we are going to present some of the pros and cons that we consider important for the decision to purchase or not this type of headset.

in-ear bluetooth headset

What to consider when choosing an in-ear headphone?

In-ear headphones are, in addition to many features, extremely practical and easy to use. However, it is important to understand that it has certain limitations, check out some of them below:

1. Audio codecs

Audio codecs determine how Bluetooth data will flow between the sound source and the headphones. Data transmissions occur according to the determination of each codec.

For example, an Apple Air Pod is capable of answering and making calls, but it is not possible to change the volume of the call on the headphones. This is due to a specific codec (AAC). Therefore, it is worth checking if the headset has the codec that meets your needs.

2. Design

The innovative design and ergonomics of the in-ear headphones were responsible for making this model popular. The shape of these headphones was thought to fit perfectly in the ear canals. However, headphones can cause some discomfort to the most sensitive people due to their proximity to the ear canals.

3. Battery life

Wireless headphones battery is limited. Because of this, it is always necessary for the user to be aware of the battery level.

It is common to find devices where the battery lasts about 10 hours, but there are devices with a longer or shorter duration. Therefore, it is essential to understand which activities you will use the headphones for and check if the battery matches its average duration.

4. Durability

The durability of Bluetooth headphones is directly linked to battery life, in addition to the internal materials and finish of the headphones. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the quality of both the battery and the device parts.

5. Portability

In-ear headphones are extremely easy to carry around. It is already possible to find in the accessories market, headphones that are accompanied by carrying cases that work both for storage and for charging the device. It is highly recommended to use cases for storage, after all their size can facilitate the loss or breakage of devices.

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